Serving, Growing, Giving

What is Stewardship?

God is Good

We’ve heard that so often we tend to think of it as just a cliché, but it’s true beyond our wildest ability to conceive. God has blessed us with an abundance that is unprecedented in history. We can be truly grateful that God has given us so much. Here at Our Savior’s, we are grateful that during these past few years of trying and uncertain times, God has led us in many different ways to be faithful servants in His grace. Now we have an opportunity to live into those blessings! 

Holding fast


Stewardship is holistic. It’s about how we worship God and live into the faith we have been given with our whole selves! It is saying, “This is what I believe and this is how I live into those beliefs.” What kind of commitment are you willing to make? Together, we celebrate God’s blessings and grace. Every response is a blessing