Sarah’s New Role: Director of Church Life!

Over the last 19 years, I have been blessed to serve at Our Savior’s first as the Sunday School Director, then Children’s Ministry Director, and later the additional hours to coordinate Sunday morning volunteers. These positions have been a huge blessing to me and my family. I have been so honored to be involved with children, their families and all who attend Our Savior’s. 

As of November 1, I am now the Director of Church Life.

What is Church Life? To beginning with, I am reorganizing our Sunday morning volunteers, especially now, since we have moved inside. I am asking those who have volunteered their time in the past, to consider taking on a new role as we work through the pandemic. I hope to get others involved too.

Another aspect of my new position is to rejuvenate our efforts to build on what we have for Small Groups. We are changing Small Groups to Life Groups. We are looking to start new groups and grow the overall participation in our current Life Groups. I am excited to meet with current group leaders to hear what is happen within their groups and meet with people who are interested in creating new Life Groups.

My goal is to also create opportunity for more fellowship, either with events and to create small Discipleship Groups for people to talk, learn, and pray with each other. As this ministry grows, I hope you will stop by to talk, so we may learn from each other, and pray together. This ministry is evolving, growing and I’m excited to have you all apart Our Savior’s Church Life!!