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Who is Pastor Dan?

Pastor Dan has been involved in full time ministry since 1984. Before coming to Our Savior’s, his ministry experience included serving youth, young adults, and older adults in small- to medium-sized congregations, located in the South, Midwest, and West coast. He has also served as a chaplain in hospital and military settings. He currently is a seminary professor, including faculty appointments at Portland Seminary, the Institute of Lutheran Theology, and South African Theological Seminary. He enjoys studying and teaching Scripture, along with engaging fellow Christians in thoughtful conversations about their faith. He and his wife, Marcia, along with their son, Joshua, and his wife, Rachel, welcome opportunities to experience the outdoor adventures that Oregon offers, including hiking along forested trails, driving through the scenic mountain roads, and visiting beaches up and down the coast. He looks forward to continued opportunities for service at Our Savior’s. You may contact Pastor Dan at 503-508-1794 or [email protected].

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